How to work with brands

Are you approached by businesses that want to collaborate with you?

Wonderful, your hard work and talent is getting noticed.

That said, it could feel daunting to understand this whole new space.

How do you choose the right partners for your brand, the opportunities they offer or what they expect from you? Are some of the terms unfamiliar to you and you’re not quite sure what you need as you enter the professional Instagrammer/blogger/content creator scene?

I can advise you on how you could pitch ideas and respond to collaboration opportunities. I can share legal aspects to be aware of (this is not professional legal advice, only pointers of what you need to be aware of), as well as pricing, negotiation, relationship building and much more.

I’ll give you an instant overview of what areas you need to know about and how you can approach collaborations with confidence – now and in the future.

Let’s start your journey today.

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