Welcome to Contemporary Life
Contemporary stories about life at home

I started Contemporary Life with the ambition to capture some of the essence of what makes a home. I believe in going beyond what we see on the surface and observe what lies underneath. I found that what makes a home is often tied to our identity, surroundings and the personal stories we all carry.

We fill it with objects, some just with functional purpose, others because they are beautiful and some because they remind us of people or experiences beyond the present moment.

For the last ten years I’ve worked at Ikea in various roles, all connected to interior design, marketing and social media. I’ve have lived and worked in three countries, and have had the opportunity to study different ways of living and what the contemporary needs are in our homes today.  

I would like to take you on a journey of exploration, where we will explore the connection and relationship to the place we call home. I will share stories about how people live today, how habits and rituals affect our wellbeing in our homes and what the thoughts are behind design of objects.

August 2017- Interview with Little Yellow Couch podcast – Why style matters

  • You sound like my type of girl, Melia! Nice to meet you! 🙂