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Welcome to Contemporary life. This is a blog about the life we live, here & now. My love and fascination for the place we call home has taken me on an inquisitive exploration to find out what makes a home a home and how it helps us to live a more balanced and mindful life. I am Melia, a passionate plant and home loving creative on the search to find balance in my life. I’m the writer of this blog and photographer of all images you see here.

After moving to London from Sweden, the pace of life accelerated from the excitement of living abroad in a fantastic city like London and I found myself a bit out of touch with the kind of life I wanted to live. The home has always been important to me and I see it both as my anchor and retreat. The numerous plants I bring into my home, the natural materials and appreciation for daylight are all efforts to stay close to nature and in tuned with the seasonal rhythm.

For my day job, I do Social media for a Swedish home furnishing company and get to stay close to the topic close to my heart. With you I want to share how I explore home & wellbeing, interesting reflections and observations about the times we live in and hopefully inspire you to think about doing so too.

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  • You sound like my type of girl, Melia! Nice to meet you! 🙂