Simple summer decoration

The best thing with this time of the year is how the gardens are overflowing with flowers. Branches weigh heavy of elderflowers and the roses that are bursting of petals that ripple into a soft carpet on the pavements. Not to forget the seducing scent of summer that awakes you from winter, as it was the first time you’ve seen a summer.

I like to make most of the blossoms right now by bringing them into my home and enjoying them indoors too. Best thing is that most flowers dry beautifully so with little efforts you create memories that last for a long time.

We should always decorate with the sense of season in mind, whether it’s to celebrate the season we’re in or to simply (and affordably) decorate for gatherings or to fill a white space. Whatever is the reason, this idea takes the garden into your home.

Go out and pick your favourite bouquet, organise the flowers colour wise and prepare them by stripping some of the leaves off and cutting them into the right length. Mix the sizes and colour combination for a harmonious impression. Use many flower, different colours for a punchy expression or use ivy in muted colours for a subtle minimal style.

Photography: Michael Sinclair for IKEA FAMILY Live

Anything with flowers always makes me think of this quote and how something mundane, something you’ve done so many times suddenly feels different. When you have that feeling that nothing will be the same again, because it’s different somehow.

“Mrs Dalloway said she was going to buy the flowers herself.”

– Virginia Wolf

  • What a clever way to decorate with flowers! This post makes me sad that summer is almost over.